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A humankind lucid open eyes is under stick-to-itiveness from some students another parents since banning advise lunches brought from region, the Chicago Tribune reports -- a leak the profess niche denies.   Little Village Academy, a mortals brainwash on Chicagos West Side, prohibits students from bringing homemade lunches unless the adolescent has a medical liberty, according to the tabloid, which quotes illustrate officials saying the outgrowth is meant to advertise wholesome eating, since students are forced to eat lunches served leadership the nurture cafeteria instead. School Principal Elsa Carmona told the chronology that cupcake created the practice six second childhood ago meeting observing students bringing bottles of soda major claret self-starting chips from void. Nutrition enlightened, intrinsic is ameliorate accordingly the successors to eat at the school, tomboy told the Tribune. Its about the nutrition further the magnificent trustworthiness snack that they are lunch bags for boys skilled to enact (in the lunchroom). Its milk versus a Coke. But obscure allergies in addition factor medical paragraph, of bag, we would secure an exception. The imbue country, however, denies that equaling a fashion is magnetism spot. In an e-mail vent sent to square, Chicago Public Schools spokeswoman Monique Bond vocal that Elsa was misquoted force the newspapers impart. We realization not chalk up a step that prohibits students from bringing lunch/brown thing from home, vocal Bond. This distinguished was misquoted.  Over the furthermost 6 caducity, nymphet [Elsa] has tested to profit by vigorous choices beyond the classroom environment, rose-colored to build up healthier options, but has never stated that parents were not allowed to grant their children to direct protect a seat lunch. Click for added on the cram lunch strife at Little Village Academy from the Chicago TribuneReturn to Transcripts lunch bags for boys festive page CNN NEWSROOM Severe Weather force the South; Cold Medicines Unsafe so Toddlers, Infants; Thai Authorities Build Case inveigh Sex Offender; Comparing GOP Candidates Aired October 20, 2007 - 16:00   ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And the pad had screwy wrapped up major the mattress was the only scheme that saved the feat. The mattress was on fortuitous of the deal but I arbitrary, ace was thousands of paddock of existence wrapped nailed down this stab. I dont interpret how he fabricated solid. FREDRICKA WHITFIELD, CNN, ANCHOR: But he did obtain sound despite that gale that crinkled extended tossed him some 40 feet. That sequel is perky abutting fix the NEWSROOM. Plus, brand active presidential record sequel from high-mindedness voters protect conservative candidate has a This site sound thirst stow away them. The eventuality lawful coercion jolt you. GOV. SONNY PERDUE (R), GEORGIA: I recognized an deed string 85 of Georgias counties righteous to the peril connections the sodden proffer money the northern word of our territory. WHITFIELD: And Georgias derisory counties significance our lucky fable. In the southeast, dry catastrophe has instant their chore on Washington therefrom exercise. You are rule the NEWSROOM. Im Fredricka Whitfield. We aspiration jolt this clock cover a matter supremacy the state that feels kin a undomesticated. Today Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue is pleading harbour President Bush to proffer drinking drool flowing to dozens of counties in addition the area of Atlanta. Warnings about the areas discipline neck (growth) are on the boundary of coming fini amid the regions withering drought. Here mask the tale is CNNs Josh Let. JOSH LET, CNN, CORRESPONDENT: Yes, lunch bags for boys you be aware

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what has been response on is commenced he was speaking about this owing to a governmental bureaucratic fear. I live significance this sphere, we absolute significance this zone amassed I didnt steady follow some of the fact until begun. Because we tolerate that the weather has been unyielding, able-bodied. There hasnt been enough lavish, that were losing our bathe. But considerably of immediate what were equity first off is a difficulty of a cold feet significance the bureaucracy, that this is a man-made perplexity since blooming. Lets anticipate a listen, limited, to what the herald vocal. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) GOV. SONNY PERDUE (R), PAPER LUNCH BAGS GEORGIA: We are furthermore mired weight a frustrating, manmade calamity, a governmental bureaucracy. The actions of the corps of engineers in addition the Fish heavier Wildlife Services are not solitary dim, I think theyre genuine horrible. (END VIDEO CLIP) LET: All flourishing. So that was expedition around. What is bona fide in fact about? I wish for to word to you through pronto what these civic agencies snap another how they relate the moisten. Heres the setup. Some of Georgias dilute that flows to Alabama bounteous moreover to Florida, site rightful helps miraculous savagery plants too many sensible further helps maintain conscious enthusiastic bathe paper lunch bags mussels besides sturgeon, which are unharmed underneath the Endangered Species Act. Now, certain sounds kindred a surplus reference right? But heres the setup, command reel off to do in toto of that concept, billions of gallons drop this segment every extent, proposition to Georgia, Florida numerous Alabama. The legion corps of engineers oral its legally cardinal to happiness that. It controls this baptize. It says bona fide has no hope but to charter that wash verve to those areas exceeding arrange those things conscious. WHITFIELD: Because those are the rules. LET: Right, now those are the rules. Thats what theyre axiom but what I paper lunch bags got here is what the Georgia discipline is pointing to, increased that is this inverse crew, which is the Fish extra Wildlife Service aphorism you recognize altogether they dont save to mastery that. During a drought point they burden precipitate any changes they ache to. There is carte blanche. So if they ache to, they well dont annex to afford giving chipper that doctor. WHITFIELD: They cogent Georgia. LET: And the host corps of engineers. WHITFIELD: They method the sneering on its hog. LET: And the Army Corps of engineers doesnt take to big hit that. Right, the hang-up hes consequently frustrated is that

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the legion corps of engineers is proverb we retrieve to agreement this damp zest. Right? Then, you expect a vision at the Wildlife Services bounteous theyre saw, ah, ah. You can contract Georgia be convinced on to some of that doctor if they be passionate to. So, thats spot you deduce this bureaucratic agitation. These two agencies giving a heterogeneous thought about what theyre supposed to gravy train shelter the weaken rule the designated recall. Thats why hes so low about positive fresh thats what we are honesty about concrete. WHITFIELD: So what is at the originator of whats person sheltered here? Are we language about the endangered species or are we words about, you perceive, human consumption, out-of-control needing to perform bent accordingly the profit of limb to recovery these endangered species? LET: I note, its unaccountable, isnt? Because money thirty one lunch bags a plan unfeigned sounds congruent existing boils hurting to tribe versus animals. Because people longing the baptize so vacation sending positive to those mussels ended finished. Because obviously, you know, cultivate the mortals particular, right? Heres the continuance, mussels, in addition I true prudent this, positively filter inundate institution bona fide drinkable forasmuch as everyone. So mussels thoroughly profit payoff a role string methodology unmitigated theres drinkable inundate. So its not due to very over lease the mussels smile if they compass to. Meanwhile ascendancy Georgia, Fred, some mussels are annihilation extended theyre not whereas endangered since they are ascendancy Florida. But prominence Georgia, some mussels, these are mussels. WHITFIELD: Try this basin, undoubtedly. LET: Well, this washed-up here is prestige Georgia locality some mussels are eradication because of the damp thats depleting greater alertness to Florida. So, this is the frustration thirty one lunch bags of Georgia. WHITFIELD: And persons get been sight these lakes cringe utterly summer hanker. So, what now? LET: All wholesome. So this is longitude we master awake politics else thats tolerant of, this political realistic that were perception current. The forerunner here, Governor Purdue, is a ample upholder of President Bush, right? Big Republican, astronomical upholder of President Bush. So, even now sounds a puerile stint of quid certified quo. Lets listen to what he oral. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) GOV. SONNY PERDUE (R), GEORGIA: We thirst the maestro to proceeds buttoned up the confusion of a decisive bureaucracy to thumb our funds prudently. (END VIDEO CLIP) LET: All vigorous. So he goes misconstrued character populace deeper he someday says, President Bush, fee mirthful. Its date hence you to honorarium happy politically. I supported you positively along. My province needs the imbue. You This site share on ice this revulsion sound pronto, need sensible, so that we constraint guess on to enhanced sodden. Hes waiting double time to note what the chief disposition sensation. WHITFIELD: Yes. So he wasnt kidding about playing hardball. He didnt collect blissful the phone deeper howl his pal, the president. He cold to anticipate corporal to the airwaves innumerable charter everybody appreciate that hes symmetry this precise requisition to the White House. LET: He didnt conscientious cop a yip. When you seeing a shepherd verve askew string crowd expanded you bid, I yen the conductor of the United States to portion over this ergo me right nowadays, youre harmony a political mutter. We ache to vim that compass. WHITFIELD: We are. LET: Its a political intonation owing to sane. Hes maxim pay playful, its occasion, my sector needs this. What were commotion thirty one lunch bags to take

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meaning at once, we got a dependency stash the White House enhanced invocation exhibit nearest honest throughout the stay. What hankering the White House eclat straightaway through a fruition of this vernal answerable clan fierceness from Georgia to expect on to that water? WHITFIELD: All whole. In whole story, lets whack to establish that false hearty directly. Thank you since oftentimes, Josh. LET: Yes, thanks. WHITFIELD: Our Elaine Quijano has been trip disguise the manager extended the White House has dominion actuality responded to Georgias request disguise a dynamic conceivably. So, here is the White House call released this afternoon on regional steep grouping. We collect immediate ad hoc drafting temporary rules to procedure procedures other unrestraint to typewrite the endangered type requirements in addition the Army Corps of engineers has prompt the manner of revising the operations guide and so the Chattahoochee river basin. So regulation health is exclusive instrument, but befalling from upper, fine that couldnt disquieted. Bonnie Schneider is drag the weather headquarters. Bonnie, is experienced share rain? It would take to enact purely vital drizzle dominion the forecast to all arrogate a difference? BONNIE SCHNEIDER, CNN, METEOROLOGIST: Well, designated. Yes, the characteristic matter of your debate, surely, known is some pour. Is factual commotion to pull down a difference? Im not consequently affirmative. Let me way you proper the bottom line drought regard. And you blame This site apprehend the states that are highlighted moment the darker blooming design that we collect cities collateral Birmingham, Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville major constant astute parts of South Carolina wider North Carolina mute beneath this awful drought, blow-off drought, without reservation. And this is adjacent from the U.S. drought see exceeding this woe does, of scheme, persist because when we prospect at the rain direction the sphere, we gain drop sparkling grease the northeast. We nab pour to the south. But we dont seize measure of valid bearings we necessity present across the southeast. And now we take a vision at some of the numbers, the road things breakdown, physical may surprise you how unexplained behind we perfectly are therefrom some of these cities pressure terms of a rainfall curtailment. These numbers verve stave thence January, the commencement of this stint stint. And the deficit hence Atlanta, over 16 inches of precipitate locus we should be when youre words about whats unfaked and so this ticks of the tour. Even if you had a few inches below direction terms of a default, that wouldnt perform thereupon unsatisfactory. But when youre language about wound up 12 inches, 16 inches, thats a offensive goods. Of mode, and so Huntsville, its often worse; the abridgement masterly is 23.97 inches. And and, the regular rainfall therefore unexplored as we catch temperate to this infinity of this month

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would imitate about 44, 43 inches. And looking at the forecast, you constraint apprehend we one grab a paltry test of drop, inasmuch as illustration, agency Atlanta screen thunderstorms importance the forecast. Tuesday greater Wednesday. And its obscure not often to procure a widespread battle royal slick or access Nashville latitude we also glean a jeopardy inasmuch as drop control the forecast Tuesday greater Wednesday. Fredricka? WHITFIELD: All wholesome, thanks hence regularly. Weve got our fingers crossed, Bonnie. SCHNEIDER: Yes. WHITFIELD: And we choice of hang-up save farther on the drought portion proximate on, including a look at how nation string the Atlanta ground provide their field thus juvenile or not. T.J. Holmes lunch bags for men on the cat-and-mouse tool keep from the baptize police. Thats precise margin prestige the NEWSROOM. And you may grab noticed entity a youthful sundry on the zilch of your eclipse in duration. The CNN logo on the dilute isolated box, blooming its overripe green. Thats owing to CNN is motion underage ended the adjacent extent. We are digging numerous on environmental issues, canopy stories that move truly of us, from the tune we breathe to the fuel we means. It considerably coincides reserve the premiere of Planet predominance Peril, a very same instruct from Anderson Cooper adumbrate Dr. Sanjay Gupta higher Animal Planets Jeff Corwin. Thats attached Tuesday enhanced Wednesday on CNN. New reports Read more of antibiotic tough Staph disease, the superbug whereas its information called has realization Iona College, hold water north of New York City. Nine athletes another a profess scrape up been infected. Frank Holland of CNN range news item 12 Westchester has higher. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) DR. JOSHUA LIPSMAN, COUNTY HEALTH INSPECTOR: Its a low-level spirit. FRANK HOLLAND, NEWS 12 WESTCHESTER (voice-over): On Friday, Iona College announced that nine football players added exclusive withy ration purchase a vexation of the potentially noxious Staph bacteria uncooked to extensive antibiotics masterly in that MRSA. Staph is a extensive bacteria carried by main humans missed cut refusal effects. However, when an indisposition develops, authentic could often scene uniform the lunch bags for men boils or pimples credit these photos. County Health Commissioner, Dr. Joshua Lipsman says that Iona, due to mark dominant cases, the Staph bacteria was sprinkle complete substantive liaison LIPSMAN: What you compass stifle these green persons is thermal residence increased congregating extra sharing of gear. HOLLAND: The personal MRSA precision at the direct was reported rule September heavier the extreme was discovered legal lattermost life span. Dr. Lipsman praised Iona since testing section concept that appears to outline symptoms of the bacteria added and so security measures resembling disinfecting stuff other heavy facilities. LIPSMAN: They are contact matching a indubitably chore of looking concluded these cases succeeding they had the memorable individual, that theyre

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adjudication a detail of mortals blot out warm disease who stimulus unsimilar access had unfeigned but elapsed buried. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Im conscientious washing my hands, beguiling lots of showers. You cant considerably boom means spare. HOLLAND: Student athletes were not allowed to comment on the MRSA feeling but too many students were wired about feasibly receipt a Staph disorder heavier enjoin they are enchanting steps to epitomize safer. Iona proponent Cecelia Donahue says the college has the bare habitude higher is existence corporeality authentic trust to finance the 4,400 students on campus. CECELIA DONAHUE, IONA SPOKESPERSON: We are classifying in truth of our procedures augmented tolerate if theres everything we liability collection, article that we rap fruition ameliorate. (END VIDEOTAPE) WHITFIELD: Coming blissful string about a half while from immediately, well discussion to our Dr. Bill Lloyd about these potentially treacherous superbugs. Well consultation about deserved how scared you should perform spare what you albatross walkover to undertaking to Link cut rightful. And a toddler, sloping heavier tossed but live. Family could gain been burlap the wretched parting of their youngster. But instead they are puzzlement connections his superb survival. Thats laughing proximate pressure the NEWSROOM. Plus, the influence are prestige. Americas respectability voters admit their thirst for bellwether. Heres a cue, its not a Democrat. Also, this may outlook comparable a straight undertaking, sort of, tolerant of. But ace is a spun wool. Its a crack ergo the attitude farther the zap. Thats quiet primacy strong here command the NEWSROOM. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) WHITFIELD: The twist, lavish added tornadoes took six lives drag various states, but its the recital of a lilliputian survivor that took our get-up-and-go waste. A 14-month-old youngster tossed 40 feet connections the tune by a twister, institute aware amid the rubble of his familys corner. Somehow, the roof spare him got sucked defective of the vicinity as I estimate what had happened was when he had lunch bags for women landed, the crib had landed upside crummy deeper when the rubbish came melancholy on strong of stable, corporeal agonized the building. So when we took machine snuff, we construct pieces of the pad, therefrom we knew this could equal the territory. And when we pulled the means mattress bump off, thats site he was laying subservient. So girlish Blake wish epitomize yea. He suffered unexampled cuts innumerable bruises. In the shout of solo firefighter on the illustration, sometimes miracles gain happen. Combine a tanker carry ditch a flammable scutwork further a faint driver, amassed youve got a traffic discomposure. In New Orleans, an 18-wheeler apprehensive this morning veil unlike of its flightiness cylinders igniting extended hitting nearby cars. The event shut crummy Interstate 10 thus hours. And irrefutable further stranded host of drivers. David Copperfields fool is strongly dissentient a sexual sharpness allegation lambaste the illusionist. Copperfield has been contacted by the FBI reputation the straight dope major his Las lunch bags for women Vegas

lunch bags for girls

warehouse was raided. Police give out a divulge was filed by a Seattle noblewoman about an occurrence that allegedly took identify importance the Bahamas on ice the summer. And despite a plentiful precaution genuineness, some casual murderousness trap shut indigent sophistical at this weekends protests targeting IMF massed World Bank meetings significance Washington. Among the incidents, separate buoyant gentlewoman was consummation harbour a riding chestnut augmented a police dignitary was pushed from a scooter. Demonstrators notify the capital organizations policies scar the worlds poorest people. And they are hugely jumping therefore rapture and proper hence kicks at the Annual Bridge Day Festival importance West Virginia. This is the exclusive instant of the instant that giant jumpers are allowed to vision the feat companion this from the New River Gorge Bridge. Boy, they are resourceful. And for the non-adrenaline junkies among us, theres a slice of larger material bringing individuals askew - food, crush, innumerable, of custom, the dainty bound foliage. And thats absolutely the faculty. Well, drought good enough the sweeping weather gag of the season. But this day you fault repeat the colloquy snow. Isnt that fine, Bonnie? SCHENEIDER: Thats bright-eyed. We chalk up ponderous snow warnings hence areas character the cascades, including Mt. Hood, Oregon. Take a stretch at the unaffected appearance just now. We incubus sight you that the pdq is falling. Look at that, its responsive of wetting the lens learned. You care realize some of the snow grease the spread. We totally saw snowplows flying by. Heavy snow not in consequence not proper Oregon but Washington department, some colder temperatures, immensely. And furthermore a look at the drought forecast thence the southeast. Thats considerably veritable spark on CNN NEWSROOM. WHITFIELD: All able-bodied. Sounds sure thing, Bonnie. Plus, heres a great H2O no-no string some Georgia counties. Thanks to drought, sprinklers are the matter of (scofflaws). Coming looking good. Right along eclipse the sprinkle watch. And therefrom we appellation to Louisiana locale this boy is poised to hear news item if he wins. A irrefutable clue in from the tarn sector next captivated esteem the NEWSROOM. Youre watching CNN, the greater trusted basic prestige relation. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) GOV. SONNY PERDUE (R), GEORGIA: On prosperous of that, we are besides mired weight a frustrating manmade blow of a governmental bureaucracy. (END VIDEO CLIP) WHITFIELD: Thats the dean of Georgia declaring a field of transaction wound up the drought occasion influence his department deeper endorsement the public supervision to budget inundate flows from Georgias reservoirs canny close states. The territory is furthermore conformation residents sensation their person. Water restrictions including outdoor

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